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We provide the virtual phone numbers and associated services you need, to your company on a world-wide basis.

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Save money by bringing your existing phone to the 101VOICE cloud phone system.

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Get valuable intelligence from your cloud phone system activity, and improve the way you do business.

Thanks to the power of the internet, a cloud phone system is flexible in ways traditional phones just aren’t.


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Grows alongside your business.


Moves anywhere with a connection.

Cloud Telephony Features

  • 3-Way Calling

    Ability to have a call with 2 other people at the same time.
  • 4+1 Conferencing

    Conference call with more than 2 users on an IP phone without having a conferences bridge.
  • 7 Digit Dialing

    No need to dial your local area code.
  • AAVA™

    AAVA routes incoming or internal calls using simple & convenient voice commands using the People Directory.
  • Attended Transfer

    Ability to announce the caller to destination user before transferring the call.
  • Auto Attendant/IVR

    Connect to desired extensions or dial by name without operator intervention, similar to virtual receptionist.
  • Announcement Hotline

    Dedicated number to call and retrieve information.
  • Anonymous Call Block

    Automatically block incoming calls without caller ID.
  • ATA Support

    Integrate analog devices to Cloud VoIP telephony using analog terminal adaptors.
  • Blacklist/Whitelist

    Deny or allow inbound or outbound calls to a list of phone numbers.
  • BLF Support

    Busy Lamp Field, an LED light on an IP phone that indicates if another extension is available, ringing or busy.
  • Blind Call Transfer

    Transfer calls to other users directly without announcing the transfer.
  • Block Surcharged Calls

    Deny any inbound or outbound calls that may incur toll charges.
  • Bulk Dialing/Auto Dialer

    Send pre-recorded audio message to a large group of people.
  • BYOD

    Bring your own approved IP phone & we configure it to work.
  • Call Blocking

    Block unwanted calls.
  • Call Forwarding

    Automatically forward calls to any other phone number or destination.
  • Call Handling Rules

    Based on caller ID or time of the day, calls can route to different destinations.
  • Calling Card support

    Prepaid access code to use when making international calls.
  • Call Park

    Place calls on system wide hold and pick it up from any other phone in the system.
  • Call Pickup

    Answer calls ringing at other phones within the group.
  • Call Queue*

    Give better call handling process to call center agents and callers by prioritizing which call is next to be answered.
  • Call Queue Barge in*

    Allow supervisors to interact with agents & customers on a call.
  • Call Queue Statistics*

    Access to agent and call statistics and performance monitor real-time or via email.
  • Call Queue Whisper*

    Allow supervisor to speak only with the agent while on a live call with customer.
  • Call Recording*

    Automatically record inbound, outbound, or all calls.
  • Call Screening

    Caller announces their name, providing you the choice to answer or not.
  • Call Waiting

    Notification when someone is calling you while you are engaged on a different call.
  • Caller ID

    Displays who is calling when caller ID is provided by the carrier delivering the call.
  • Caller ID Routing

    Route inbound calls based on its caller ID or Area Code to a destination.
  • Caller ID with Name*

    Improve traditional caller ID by including the caller’s name with the number.
  • Channel on the Fly*

    Provides 25% more concurrent calling capacity in case maximum number of call paths has been reached. Avoids busy signal or congestion.
  • Class of Service

    Restrict calls based on a policy to all or some phones.
  • Cloud Directory*

    Publish the same Company directory & Contact List across all IP Phones.
  • Customized Message

    Use customized announcements to promote & inform callers when they call.
  • Customized Music on Hold*

    Studio quality on-hold music or announcements played when callers are placed on hold.
  • Do Not Disturb

    Automatically send calls directly to voicemail or other destination.
  • Directed Call Pickup

    Answer a specific ringing phone, from your phone.
  • Directory Assistance

    Get phone number of businesses or individuals by calling 411.
  • Extension Dialing

    Dial other users by their extension numbers for internal communication.
  • HD Call Quality

    High Definition call quality using wideband G.722 Audio codec (automatic, when available).
  • Hunt Group – Circular

    Expand call answer coverage by having more than one phone ring at the same time (Round-Robin).
  • Hunt Group – Linear

    Extend call answer coverage by having phones ring sequentially, one after another.
  • International Calling

    Make international outbound phone calls with alert notification for better account management and cost control.
  • Low Bandwidth Support

    G.729 Audio codec support higher audio compression for better bandwidth use.
  • Multi-Line Support

    Support multi-line phones to handle multiple calls.
  • Music on Hold

    Automatically play random music when on hold.
  • Overhead Paging*

    Make indoor or outdoor announcement to speakers from any phone (where equipped).
  • Page Group

    Paging one or more phones or speakers at the same time.
  • People Directory

    Find internal or external users’ extensions by name.
  • Remote Provisioning

    Phones & mobile applications download their configuration automatically without user interaction.
  • SIP Trunk

    Dial tone and telephone services via the Internet to an onsite phone system.
  • SMS Automated Responder*

    Automatically respond to incoming text with a predefined text message(s) based on time & day.
  • SMS to Email

    Receive SMS content & sender’s phone number as an Email.
  • Speed Dialing

    Use telephone function keys to enable one-touch dialing for frequently called numbers.
  • Supervisor Interaction

    ACD Supervisor can interact with the users/agents when they are on live calls.
  • Time Route

    Routing calls based on time & day to different internal or external destinations.
  • Time Routed Greetings

    Play different greetings or customized message to callers based on time & day.
  • Transfer to Voicemail

    Transfer calls directly to voicemail without ringing the destination phone.
  • Unlimited Calling

    Make unlimited domestic calls within the United States and Canada.
  • Unlimited Extensions

    Virtually unlimited extensions on the same platform.
  • US-based Support

    Helpdesk and support service located 100% in the US to assist with issues.
  • Vendor Agnostic

    Support multi phone vendor handsets in the same account.

Unified Communication Features

  • 101LINK Gmail Integration*

    Call contact list and display contact name on inbound call.
  • 101LINK Chrome Extension*

    Click to call any number and manage call activities within Chrome browser.
  • 101LINK Outlook Integration

    Call contact list from Outlook or DCA (Desktop Call Assistant) & display contact name on inbound call.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Automatically distribute inbound or outbound calls among agent representatives.
  • Call Tagging

    Tag or mark call records with predefined categories for better management & search.
  • Call Voice Tagging

    Recorded audio announcement for predefined categories of callers.
  • Click to Call

    Click on the phone number to make phone calls via 101LINK.
  • Conference Bridge

    Listen only attendees will be muted automatically for better participation quality.
  • Conference Bridge Call in

    Dial in to conference bridge telephone number or internal extension.
  • Conference Bridge-Auto Join

    Automatically join conference bridge by having the system call attendees on scheduled time.
  • Conference Bridge-Supervisor

    Manage conference bridge features for participants.
  • Email to Fax

    Send faxes via email client as an attachment.
  • Fax to Email

    Receive faxes via email as PDF attachments.
  • Find Me Follow Me

    Route a given user’s calls sequentially to different numbers.
  • Hot Desking/Hoteling

    Temporarily login to desk IP phone and make it your own extension.
  • IM

    Instant messaging to one or more team members via 101LINK Desktop call assistant.
  • Bell & Intercom Integration

    Support bell scheduling and Intercom systems.
  • Paging/Intercom

    Broadcast audio announcement to one or more handsets or speakers at the same time.
  • Paging Integration

    Integrate with analog or digital paging systems.
  • Panic Button

    Send stress/urgent message to a group of designated phones with distinct ringtone to alert for help.
  • Remote Dialing Access

    Call dedicated number in the system, enter access/PIN code to obtain new dial tone to make outbound calls.
  • Simultaneous Ring

    Ring several devices simultaneously, never miss a call.
  • Text Message*

    Sending and receiving text messages via 101LINK.
  • Two-Way Paging/Intercom

    Ability to respond hands-free on an intercom system.
  • Video Calling Support

    Ability to have video and audio calls on phones or applications within system.
  • Voicemail Broadcast

    Broadcast a message to a group of voice mailboxes on the system simultaneously.
  • Voicemail Distribution

    Distribute a voicemail to one or multiple mailboxes on the system.
  • Voicemail to Email

    Receive voicemail via email as an audio file attachment.
  • Voicemail Transcription*

    Receive voicemail via email as transcribed text.
  • Worldwide Conference Calling

    Have local call-in phone numbers from 60+ countries for conference calling.

Mobility Features

  • Mobile Applications*

    Make or receive calls as if in the office using on iOS or Android devices.
  • Multisite Office

    Combine multiple offices under one umbrella while maintaining their individual site identity.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers

    Forward numbers from different countries and cities to a dedicated number or line.
  • WebRTC

    Clientless Softphone application for Mac & PC to make or receive calls as if in the office.
  • SMS Provisioning

    Eliminate login credentials by activating mobile application via unique SMS code.
  • Secure Conversation

    Encrypt calls over the mobile application.

Security & Reliability Features

  • 911 Call in Progress Alert

    Designated staff can be notified via text, email or audible message when a 911 call is in progress.
  • Disaster Recovery Routing

    Forward calls to other numbers in case of a power failure or Internet outage.
  • End-to-End Encryption

    Protect & defeat any surveillance or tampering attempt on an active call.
  • Enhanced 911 Service

    Provide the caller’s address on file to 911 operator for faster response.
  • Fraud Detection

    Alert & detect unusual call activities.
  • Geo Redundant Datacenter

    Geographically located datacenters for high service availability.
  • HIPAA Compliant

    Certified, in compliance with HIPAA Regulations for “Data in Motion” & “Data at Rest”.
  • PCI Compliant

    Compliance with PCI IT security guidelines & network audits.
  • Site Survivability (LTE)*

    Stay connected during power or Internet outage using 4G LTE cellular network.

Phone Number Options

  • Bring Your Own Number

    Port in the current local or toll-free number for business continuity.
  • International Phone Numbers*

    Obtain national phone numbers from 60+ countries for conference calling.
  • Premium Number

    Easily remembered, sequential telephone numbers.
  • Toll Free Numbers*

    Relieve callers from long distance call charges via inbound toll free numbers.
  • Vanity Number

    Easily remembered word or phrase as a telephone number.
  • US & Canada Numbers

    Obtain telephone numbers over 8600 rate centers in the US & Canada.

Integration & Management Tools

  • 101LINK

    Desktop call assistant application for Mac and PC.
  • Admin Portal

    Manage features & users/ extensions as an administrator.
  • Active Call Dashboard

    Manage and monitor current active calls with detail on one computer window.
  • API

    Ability to integrate with other systems via JSON API.
  • Call Activity Log

    View call activity records on the system in detail in real-time.
  • Call Analytics

    Visualize data & analyze calls to improve business efficiency.
  • Dropbox Integration

    Replicate a copy of Voicemails, Faxes, & Call Recordings in Dropbox.
  • Google AI

    Integration with Google’s Artificial Intelligence for advanced functions.
  • On-site Installation*

    Optional service to install & customize the system at customer location.
  • Performance Monitoring*

    Monitor phone system performance and call activity.
  • Proactive Monitoring*

    Proactive and reactive services to help with location bandwidth issues diagnostics to avoid or reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Reporting

    Analyze calling history and call traffic reports.
  • Top List Report

    View the top list reports in the list for better management.
  • User Portal

    Users can manage their own telephone line(s) and features.
  • Zapier

    Integrate with over 1000+ Applications via predefined workflows.
* Features noted with an asterisk may be available only associated with other specific features; may be available at additional cost; or may be available only with specific hardware installations and designs.


We do more than just modernize your cloud phone system. We take the next step and show you your call activity data, so you can learn about your customer and staff interactions to improve internal efficiency.

Inbound, Outbound, Internal Calls

Calls Missed, Dropped, on Hold

Call Durations

Peak Call Times

Caller ID and Locations

Cloud Call Center

Advanced call routing

Supervisor Interaction

Call Recording

IP Centrex

What does IP Centrex mean to you?

Less work for you and your staff, and less money out of your pocket. We take care of maintaining your cloud PBX.

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Scalable
  • Teleconferencing
  • Lower costs

SIP Trunking

Already have an on-site phone system?

Let us connect it to the cloud via SIP Trunking and improve your communications.

  • Inbound & Outbound Calling
  • Advanced User Portal
  • Emergency Services
  • Disaster Recovery Routing
  • Keep Your Number
  • Unbeatable Quality

Companies in the following industries have saved on telecom expenditures by switching to our platform:

  • Manufacturing and R&D
  • Healthcare
  • Legal/Financial Institutions
  • Automotive
  • Startup Companies
  • Franchises
  • Ecommerce/Retail
  • Real Estate