Your phone system is the most powerful tool for your business since it is the first point of contact with your customers. It gives you more chance to inform customers with helpful information. Depend on your business, you may need to customize your IVR/auto attendant, greetings and music on hold. 101VOICE helps you with professional voice recordings. There are different samples were provided on this page for you. You can choose the audio type you need, follow the instructions and submit your order.

Hear background music samples for MoH

  • Greensleeves

  • Jingle Bells

  • One Last Look

  • Soft Blend

  • Wings full

Hear Voice talent voice sample

  • Ivan

  • Kyle

  • Britney

  • Isabella

  • Ruby

  • Kristen

You can have professional greetings for special events, voicemail or announcing your information.

This option is perfect for people who work from home or sales people since they need professional greeting or voicemail and need promote special events.

* Guide: How to write scripts

You can have professional IVR/ auto attendants in different languages and for your different departments. We record your IVR in high resolution audio, using professional quality microphones to obtain the best possible sound quality and clarity at the source. After designing your call flow, you can write your scripts for each IVR and order to record.

* Guide: How to write scripts

You can choose your MoH and customize it and add the following information to it:

  • Your product, services, etc.
  • Special sales, events or promotions
  • Your website and social media
  • FAQs

* Guide: How to write scripts

Pricing and Fees
MoH $100 per music track, per message
Greetings $50 per music track, per message
IVR/Auto attendant $70 per 75 words
PROOFREADING $40 per 75 words
Editing $30 per 75 words

Please note that:

  • We start working on your order after receiving your payment
  • This service is only available to 101VOICE customers and cannot be transferred to any other PBX system
  • Any changes or modification of file is limited and can take place within 24 hours
  • Production may take as much as 4 days and there is no guarantee that the voice talent be available at all time