To program the function keys on your Polycom VVX411, you need to input the page number (if applicable) and key number to the system.

  • On the 101VOICE web portal, browse to Telephone Lines from the dashboard or the features menu, and click on the line that is tied to your phone. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “OTHER OPTIONS FOR THIS TELEPHONE LINE”. Click on “Function keys”.
  • In the function keys page, you will see 5 columns: page number, key number, function, key data, and display name.

Page Number:
The Polycom VVX411 has 1 page for function keys, so this should be 1.

Key Number:
The Polycom VVX411 function keys are numbered 1-9. Key number 1 is the first key after the last line key.
Please check the stencil in the user guide for your reference.
If you try to skip key numbers, your phone ignores it and fills the first available key.

There are different types of functions for each key that you can select depending on your needs.

  1. Speed Dial: Call an internal extension or an external number.
  2. BLF (Busy Lamp Field) or BLF with Pickup: Monitor another extension/user and pick up incoming to that extension/user. If you are interested in BLF with pickup, please contact 101VOICE support. Please note that either all BLFs have directed pickup feature or not

Key Data:
This will vary depending on the function.

  1. Speed dial: Enter the extension or external phone number.
  2. BLF or BLF with pickup: Enter the 10-digit telephone line number

Display name:
The name or number that will be shown on your phone next to the function key.
Please note that there is a character limitation for each phone depending on the size of the display.

Export keys:
If you already have function keys assigned to your telephone line, you can simply export in CSV format.

Import Keys:
You can make a CSV file for your function keys and import it. Please make sure you have the correct format. If you update your function keys by exporting and importing, make sure you set Existing Keys to Overwrite. In your CSV file, please use the following for function type:

Function Type Function name in CSV import file
Speed Dial speed
BLF with pickup Blfp
Other other

Here is an example for you as a reference:

Page Number Key Number Function Data Display
1 1 other 1 Line 1
1 2 blf 9998881111 John
1 3 blf 9998881112 Kathy
1 4 speed 4084445555 Insurance

* The first three keys on the left are reserved for line keys and they cannot be overwritten by user. If you need to add/remove line key, you need to contact 101VOICE support at

 Please contact your administrator for telephone line numbers for BLF and line numbers.

** Please DO NOT use any special characters when you enter the key data.
If you click on add key and do not enter any information, you will receive an error when you press save. To clear the error, please refresh the webpage.

*** The phone must be rebooted to get the new functions and update the existing ones. Simply unplug and plug the phone back in to reboot or on the web portal, browse to telephone lines, check the box next to your telephone line and click on reboot selected at the bottom of the page.