This IP1000SG is a 6 line, smart video IP phone, perfect for the high-level manager or busy executive. With a touch-screen graphical display, video capability and Android OS, this is literally a superpowered smartphone at your desk.

  • HD Voice Quality

    HD quality headphone and hands-free modes help you get more done in less time, freeing up both your hands to finish those emails, or get that contract sent out.

  • 6 SIP Lines

    Higher call volume than normal? No problem. It’s got 6 lines to easily handle it.

  • Gigabit Ethernet

    More bandwidth, which means better performance, less congestion, and most importantly, less frustration.

  • Dual LCD Screens

    One for the mail display, and one for the PFKs. Your expansion module is built right into the phone, with a sleek LCD interface.

  • 32 Programmable Function Keys

    Who wants to look up and dia extensions to transfer call anymore? Here’s a better idea – do it with the press of a button.