The IP3667 is an IP Door Access Control compatible with SIP Standard with All in One functionality (Access Control, Intercom and Broadcasting).

It supports local authentication via RFID card and password, as well as two way communication to allow a remote controller to open the door, giving access to the building only to authorized users.

The robust mechanical design protects it from dust and water in harsh outdoor conditions.

It is a secure device which can be tied to your voice over IP phone system to control access by call, code, RFID cards or indoor switch.

It has a built in HD camera with backlight compensation function which can be programmed to broadcast on your enterprise phone device.

ip 3667 image 1

  • All in One

    Secure access control, intercom and broadcasting device which can be accessed by call, code, RFID cards or indoor switch.

  • Water & Dust Proof

    Water proof, Dust proof and Striking proof Design, Avoiding Malicious Damage, 1KV antistatic protection.

  • HD Audio

    Built in speaker supports high definition audio quality and full duplex echo cancellation.

  • HD Video

    Built in high definition camera with backlight compensation functionality broadcasts video to your enterprise IP Phone.

  • Tamper Alarm

    Security feature to detect someone is tampering the equipment and send alarm to the corresponding server.

Download Door Access Control IP Scanner