101VOICE Softphone

The 101VOICE Softphone supports browser to browser applications for voice calling, and enhanced communication without the need for either internal or external plugins.

This application is designed for 101VOICE customers and cannot be used without 101VOICE subscription.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Place a call from any telephone Line assigned to you
Transfer call to internal or external numbers
View Voice Messages alerts and dial the caller
Quick Dial and Global Contacts
3-way audio conference calling
Video calling (up to 8 attendees)
Military grade encryption
OPUS wideband audio codec
Record calls on your device
Manage queues assigned to you (Through 101LINK)
Place your lines in DND through 101LINK (Do Not Disturb)
Review call history of received, missed and dialed calls
Send and receive SMS (Through 101LINK)
Send Voicemail transcription to your email (Through 101LINK)
Log in/out to queue (Through 101LINK)

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