101Link UC Companion

The 101Link UC Companion integrates seamlessly with the 101VOICE Cloud based telephony system.

It works with web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) and popular applications such as MS Outlook, to give a simple one click to dial solution.

This application is designed for 101VOICE customers and cannot be used without 101VOICE subscription.

101LINK Key Features


    Import and call contact list and display contact name on inbound call.

    Call contact list from Outlook or DCA (Desktop Call Assistant) & display contact name on inbound call

    Mobile Friendly Interface for better user experience

    Compatible application with Windows PC and Mac computer

    Click to call any number and manage call activities within Chrome Browser.

    Receive voicemail via email as transcribed text.

    Instant messaging to one or more team members.

    Sending and receiving text messages

    Click to call any number and manage call activities within Chrome browser

    Ability to integrate with other systems via JSON API or Integrate with over 1000+ Applications via predefined workflows.
Features Office Business
Place a call from any telephone Line assigned to you ok ok
Redirect calls to your Voicemail ok ok
Manage queues assigned to you ok ok
Transfer call to internal or external numbers ok ok
Place your lines in DND (Do Not Disturb) ok ok
View Voice Messages alerts and dial the caller ok ok
Review call history of received, missed and dialed calls ok ok
Click to call (by adding Chrome extension) ok ok
Import your contacts from Gmail or MS Outlook ok ok
Instant message with your team ok
Send and receive SMS ok
Send Voicemail transcription to your email ok
Zapier integration key ok