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We customize a phone system to fit your needs.

Not the other way around.

What We do for You

Cloud PBX

The power of the cloud.

Focus on serving your customers and growing your business, not maintaining your phone system.

Online Meetings

Connect effortlessly. Anywhere.
bring your phone

You have national and global contacts, and travel is expensive and time consuming. Keep the meeting, skip the flight.

Text Messaging

Amplify your communication.
bring your phone

Use text message marketing to reach more customers and increase engagement like never before.

Key Enterprise Features


    Designated staff can be notified via text, email or audible message when a 911 call is in progress.

    Automatically record inbound, outbound, or all calls.

    AAVA routes incoming or internal calls using simple & convenient voice commands using the People Directory.

    Route inbound calls based on its caller ID or Area Code to a destination.

    Receive faxes via email as PDF attachments.
    Send faxes via email client as an attachment.

    Connect to desired extensions or dial by name without operator intervention, similar to virtual receptionist.

    Call contact list from Outlook or DCA (Desktop Call Assistant) & display contact name on inbound call.
    Call contact list and display contact name on inbound call.

    Subscribed users receive ongoing support, updates and warranty on the service

    Stay connected during power or Internet outage using 4G LTE cellular network.

    Pay as you grow without major capital expenditures or long-term contract. With cloud-managed Wi-Fi, you get the most out of your system without concern.

    Certified, in compliance with HIPAA Regulations for "Data in Motion" & "Data at Rest".
    Compliance with PCI IT security guidelines & network audits.

    Make indoor or outdoor announcement to speakers from any phone (where equipped).
    Paging one or more phones or speakers at the same time.

Industries we serve, and the companies that love us :


We're a tech-driven company just like you are. Based in Silicon Valley, we understand your challenges very well. You'll get support for remote workers, online meeting options for spread-out teams, and virtual phone numbers, to make sure your team is on the same page no matter where you are or what you're working on.

Worldwide Virtual Phone Numbers

Obtain local virtual phone numbers in any market you're targeting.

Online Meetings

Save the red eye flights for vacations. Have your meetings online, right from the comfort of your office.

Worldwide Conferencing

With our International Conferencing Solutions, Earth is your new conference room.

Financial Services

We provide flexible, feature-rich cloud phone systems, perfectly suited for the size of your company now, and as you grow.


Reach your employees anywhere on the go.


Greet and direct callers with a virtual assistant.

All-in-One Marketing Platform

Managing multiple platforms is a headache. Get more done, with less ibuprofen.


We know how important communication is in the healthcare industry. And since you have multiple locations, it has to be reliable. That's where we come in.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Active and proactive services to improve data communication and reduce costly downtime.

Cloud Call Center

Increase customer loyalty with cloud contact center solutions that meet your business needs.

Electronic Faxing

No more checking every fax that hits the machine. Stay put. It'll be in your email inbox shortly.

Real Estate

Your agents are always on the go and constantly changing numbers. We make sure that never becomes a headache for you (if it isn't already, of course).

Text Message Marketing

The easiest way to get to your market is to go where they are. They're on mobile.

Custom On Hold Message

Use your on hold message to promote your company, even when you're not available to.

Keep Your Existing Numbers

Skip the hassle of updating all your marketing content. Get all our features and keep your number.


We know you have a strict budget. So we help you keep your overhead and maintenance costs as low as possible. Don't worry, you can still count on the highest standard of quality and reliability from us. Always.

Text Broadcasting

Reach your entire list with the same effort it takes to reach one person.

Overhead Paging

Quickly reach everyone in the building without leaving your desk.

Online Meetings

Save the red eye flights for vacations. Have your meetings online, right from the comfort of your office.

Technology Partners

Why They Trust Us

  • Author image

    101VOICE has been the perfect fit for us... 101VOICE has helped us tremendously as a non-profit. We were able to use our existing phones, they went the extra effort to put our logo on to the screens on our phones in addition to helping us acquire new phones. It's been a fantastic partnership. 101VOICE stands out in the 'no muss, no fuss' approach.

    —Mark T.

    Director, IT & Operations, United Way Silicon Valley
  • Their approach is all about 'let's understand your needs, let's understand your business and then build a package around that' instead of the other way around which most of the online companies would do for you. That's where I think it was the biggest help because the team at 101VOICE spent a lot of time, first understanding what our needs were, and then they built a customizable solution around it... If you're looking for a new phone system or if you're having challenges with the current phone system, I think you should absolutely call 101VOICE because they understand the entire communication platform better than anyone else that I know.

    —Shashank S., MBA, CEO

    Arcus Lending
  • The service is great. The system is great. It is a very strong system and it is very, very easy to use. The running cost is so low. I don't know why anybody would not use this system. If anybody wants to know, they can always call my office and I would be happy to tell them about my experience with 101VOICE in detail. I don't think I'm changing.

    —Dr. Sudip G. M.S, DDS

    303 Dental
  • We found 101VOICE as a very attractive component solution. We like the global communication aspect of the 101VOICE product. Primarily because our customers are global, our employees travel to meet with those customers, and our investors and support staff are global.

    —Michael S.

    CFO PureWave Networks, Inc.
  • The reason why we ended up choosing 101VOICE is because they listened to our needs and were more than accommodating. We are so happy with the service! Their customer service is incredible. 101VOICE is different because when you call for help, you're not on hold for thirty minutes; speaking to a computer, pressing buttons, and end up going around in a loop. 101VOICE make themselves available to you pretty much 24 hours a day.

    —Johanna L.

    Compass Labs IQ

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